Wet Prilled Sulphur

In the International Sulphur market, sulphur is generally marketed on a dry bulk basis. Dry bulk sulphur can take a number of forms depending on the technology used to solidify it.  Some of the dry bulk forms include slate, granules, pastilles, and wetprills.  When determining the optimal technology to use in forming sulphur, Heartland considered the reliability, safety, and marketability of the end product. Heartland also took into strong consideration the need to minimize dust generation in the forming and loading process.

Heartland has the Devco II WetPrill forming technology at the facility. Wetprill provides a number of operational advantages including reduced dust generation, high safety and reliability, and proven marketability and has been used in forming plants around the world. In the WetPrill forming process, molten sulphur is pumped onto perforated trays that direct the sulphur in narrow streams into an agitated water bath. Prills form as the sulphur comes in contact with the water.  The solid spherical prills are separated from the water with a vibrating screen and transferred to the conveyor loading system.  The water is recycled through the system to minimize water use and environmental impact.  The freshly prilled product is transferred directly into rail cars under normal operating conditions, which helps maintains product quality and minimizes dust generation.